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Simple Cafe

About Gourmet

Simple Cafe offers a truly unique service in the UAE to help individuals replenish their body and mind and kick start a nourishing, healthy and tasty eating pattern.
We started small, by wanting to get healthy ourselves.
Once our friends and families saw the amazing benefits to our new delicious lifestyle, they asked us to help them too.
Word spread so we took the decision to open a community store in the heart of Zayed Sports City.

We offer vegan, gluten free, nourishing, satisfying daily meals, snacks, juices and smoothies combined with a personalised service to support and inform those making positive changes towards a healthier lifestyle

    Marine Food Calling Info

    Tennis Complex -
    Zayed Sports City

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Marine Food Calling Info


    Marine Food Calling Info

    (+971) 050 4188378

    Marine Food Calling Info

    Sunday - Wednesday 5:00am - 9:30pm

    Thursday 5am - 8pm

    Friday 7am - 6pm

    Saturday 7am-7pm

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